The Resort has an impressive array of amenities such as

• Arrival Lounge/Reception, where a royal welcome awaits our guests.

• Adult and Children-size Swimming Pools to meet family and friends relaxation needs.

• Sporting Arena with Mini Football Pitch, Basket Ball and Lawn Tennis Ball Courts.

• Amusement Kiddies Park, Game Village for adults, (Gym and Spa are under constructions).

• Within the next year, we will open a Four Thousand seat Event and Conference Hall.

• “Our African Village” replicates African Village realities with a number of Rafia, wooden huts, with thatched roof, each of them named after past Oonis of Ife.

• Igbo Olodumare nature and Horse-riding trail, which in the next couple of years will house a wildlife reserve and a mini-Golf Course.

• Our generous group rates will provide you with added profits and satisfied customer’s experience – Call for more information today!

• Ife Grand Resort & Leisure can also be used for Management or Departmental retreat Programmes, Team Bonding exercise etc under the CAER which is Corporate African Eco Retreat for corporate organization which takes place in an Ethno-Cultural Tourism Resort environment. Organization preferred to conduct such retreat in a serene environment, where they can have access to variety of team bonding activities that include, Volley Ball, Basketball, Paint Balling, Football and other activities that are specifically designed to enhance team bonding. It is believed that this retreat will benefit the organization and increase effectiveness of the teams.

Very significant is the fact that all the streets within the Resort are named after popular Yoruba towns and cities like Ife. Oyo, Ijebu, Ogbomoso, Isale Eko, etc, to promote Yoruba culture and history.

For Business inquiries, reservation and booking, please feel free to contact our Front desk at 0704-433-2214.


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