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“a place called paradise for you”


The City Never Sleeps

America is very large and to discover it takes a whole year to reach all major states and cities. But for the first time to the US, New York, the most vibrant city in the world, the convergence of cultures, civilizations and people from all 5 continents will be the destination that you should not ignore. Many travel websites have placed New York on the top of the list of the most rewarding cities in the Americas as well as around the world.

New York is a convergence of diverse cultures, arts, architecture, history and entertainment. The "big apple" is most famous for its iconic Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building as a testament to its strong and charming visitor. Not only that, you can also visit the zoo or relax on the lush lawns of Central Park here. Buy air tickets to New York, the dream city of many people, you need to know what should or should not do in this modern land.

Stay in New York

It's not too hard to find a hotel in New York but the downtown is expensive and the hotel is often old. If you live in a suburb like Queens or New Jersey, the room rates are better and newer. The most economical way is to stay with people you know.

Metropolitan Museum

Focusing on works of art, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, decoration... and showcasing the culture of mankind. Americans are very open-minded, as writers have been in New York for a week without spending money at a friend's house since college.


New York is a shopping paradise from expensive clothes, glasses, handbags, and shoes to street-level items. Fifth Avenue - Fifth Avenue is a famous shopping street starting with the only Apple store in the world that opens 24 hours.


New York is the city for you to enjoy delicious food and anywhere you can find yourself with popular and luxurious eateries with typical flavors, from Jamaican eateries to Tibet, from Vietnamese dishes to Italian dishes... all gathered in New York. Before every morning on the road.


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