Ife Grand Resort, a pristine offering within

On a typical visit to Ile Ife, you will appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the ancient town. While the rich heritage is a big draw for tourists, especially African Diasporas, there is another reason to visit the town famed as the cradle of the Yoruba race.

The Ife Grand Resort & Leisure is worth experiencing while in the university town. Set on 250 acres of land on Kilometre 4, Ibadan Road, Ile-ife, Osun State, the resort is a tropical paradise for leisure seekers and discerning guests who cherish tranquility and communion with nature amid personalised services.

From the entrance, fresh air greets you while the warmth at the concierge sets you in the mood for indulgence. For lovers of aesthetics, the locally crafted concierge table, the bespoke furniture decorated with local fabrics such as Adire and Ankara, the centre tables made from timber cuttings, and the walls dotted with beautiful artworks, combine to delight the five senses, especially sight.

On offer at the resort are 68 rooms comprising 6, 8 and 10 room chalets and also single room option. The intrigue is that the furnishings are sourced locally and you do not need to probe further to discover that the doors are made from local wood variants such as bamboo. For the culture enthusiasts, the resort hosts an African Village with 51 stylish huts named after the past Ooni’s (paramount rulers of Ile-ife). The huts come in one- room in-suite amid world class facilities.

Besides the huts, the African Village hosts Bamboo Restaurant and a local kitchen where guests can visit to witness how local food menus are prepared and also served to them in local pots; an offering said to interest African Diasporas most.

While in the village, guests have access to a standard swimming pool and children pool.

However, the resort hosts a big restaurant and a stylish open bar, a replica of the floating bar on the Lagoon at Inagbe Grand Resort Lagos.

While enjoying a lavish stay at the resort, guests who gain weight can also lose it by engaging in one of the numerous sports and fitness offerings including; lawn tennis, basketball, football at the mini stadium, which also hosts concerts, while children get busy as well at the well equipped children playground.


As patronage swells, the resort has some pipeline projects to carter to the growing demands. Work is ongoing at the 6,000 guests capacity civic centre, the Olympic size swimming pool is nearing completion, while works is also ongoing at the indoor spa centre offering service including manicure and pedicure.

It is exciting moving around the resort vicinity and walking across streets named after some Yoruba towns such as Abeokuta, Ijebu, among others.

However, the promoters of the resort seek to boost the economy of Ile-ife, empower the people and use the resort to spotlight the ancient town on the world map by luring global tourists to the many attractions that abound in the town.

Moreover, to heighten their experience at the resort, guests are urged to play with the monkeys, see the alligators or play local games at the African Village.

The resort is promoted by Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, the Ooni of Ife, and is set to rival offerings at Inagbe Grand Resort, in-between Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean; also the brainchild of the Ooni.

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