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The Ife Grand Resort & Leisure is the hospitality-care center, where visiting foreign tourists and our indigenous clients can enjoy the luxury of large and well-appointed Rooms, professional services, and enjoy a seamless mélange of western culture and African tradition, a culinary statement we always make with our delicious meals and drinks.
“Our African Village” replicates African Village realities with a number of Rafia, wooden huts, with thatched roof, each of them named after past Oonis of Ife.

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Our Food

A Sumptuous Afrocontinental Kitchen providing the best of African and Continental cuisine and African Village Kitchen where classic Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa food comes to life.

Bar & Lounge

Bar and Outdoor Natural Wood Platform Lounge for relaxation complete with covered exclusive VIP Section.

Comfortable Chalets

Chalets and Suites available, Executive, Premium and Standard rooms categories, which range in price

Health Spa

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Golf Club

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Bar Club

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